We are FAMILY!

This is not your average sports team our athletes and coaches develop a bond that will last a lifetime!



Individual Recognition

Birthday celebrations are for sure thing! We also like to take the time highlight a special athlete for each week. They will also be showcased on our social media accounts and website.

After every competition coaches, team members, and parents construct our own "awards ceremony". Coaches and team members together review the day's performances and outcomes. Then, a special athlete from each team is rewarded based on their performance that day or weekend.



Team Bonding

Throughout the season coaches and team moms will set up different “Team Bonding Events” were athletes have the chance to bond not only on the mat but in every day life as well. We truly strive and pride our selves in having a family loving atmosphere.



Coaching Staff

Our Coaching is the best of the best! All our coaching staff is USASF certified for their specific level, as well as AACCA, CPR & FIRSTAID certified and background checked. On top of our certifications, our coaches will be attending various workshops and events throughout the season to constantly keep on top of trends and safety requirements to ensure your athlete the best and safest experience at Rise Allstars.



Parent / Fan Section

WE LOVE YOU!! It's because of you we are able to have the motivation and confidence to go out there and perform at competitions. We love your praise! The LOUDER THE BETTER! Our parent / fan section is truly amazing and we thank you for all you do!



Wining Competition Season

Its our FIRST season here at Rise Allstars and we are on tract to producing some award winning teams!



Annual Program Banquet

At the end of each season, we have an annual program banquet to recognize each cheerleader, the coaches, gymnastics trainers, and parents. This is a celebration of the year's events that includes all team members and their families.




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