Rise is not only where you cheer and learn but is a place you can call another home. Not only do you learn but you create memories with the people around you, that become your sisters and brothers. You don’t always start as a perfect cheerleader, like for an example I didn't. The coaches push you to not give up on yourself, in fact they are these amazing coaches that you can call second moms and because of them they make you achieve so many things in life that you never knew you had in yourself.
-Paola Gutierrez, Athlete 


Rise Allstars has impacted my life so postitively. It has pushed me and so many others to be the best athlete they can be. Not only have I learned so much, I grew as a person and i can say the same for my teammates. The coaches are the best and so sweet. I can't wait to start the season strong with Rise! 

​-Lilly Monasterio, Athlete